27 January 2009

Same process, different results

New, Transparent WhiteHouse.gov Forgoes Press Briefing Transcripts? The obvious explanation: Bush wanted transcripts online because he expected the press to filter what he said. Obama doesn’t want transcripts online . . . because he expects the press to filter what he says.


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16 January 2009

Working the system

Unfortunately as a CA resident, we can’t even have full-cap mags and are stuck with a 10-round limit.

Tell ‘em you’re an illegal and you need a larger magazine to help you pick avocados.

They’ll probably give you a subsidy.


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07 January 2009

Nightmare to dream come true

Greg! I’m so pleasantly surprised to find you here. It’s like going to bed with Rosie O’Donnell and waking up to a bed full of bacon!


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06 January 2009


“tell just how you [the Obama family] value your faith experience in Chicago”

They go every week. 11 o’clock. Maybe twice a month. Not so much now that they have kids.

I’m just glad we’re getting a president who has a deep spiritual grounding that informs his decisions with an ancient wisdom, instead of the freak we have now who thinks some imaginary invisible man talks to him.


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05 January 2009

That's not the mullahocracy I knew

2010: “The Iranian Regime has been less than forthcoming in their release of critical data. . . data which would allow this administration to make a nuanced and informed decision. It would appear that we have been intentionally misled by the Iranians.”


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