23 October 2008


Obama has “steel in his spine�?

My collie says:

I think he meant “Obama says “stealing is fine� — especially if you take from those making over $250,000/yr.


Yeah, I’ll take buy that.

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16 October 2008

Efficiency, that's what it is.

NY Times reprints Obama Campaign talking points.

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10 October 2008

It's all in the spin

If Bush had pointed out that Saddam Hussein was not only a warmongering genocidal megalomaniac who supported terrorism and had been working on nuclear weapons for decades (with more success than any Western intelligence agency had thought possible), but also the effective CEO of his nation’s oil companies, Oliver Stone would be making “Why We Fight” pictures.


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06 October 2008

Academic ethics

I remember a survey in 1958, of the thirty most prestigious universities in America, asking the faculty, ‘Did you vote Republican or Democrat in the last election?’ Eighty-five percent voted Republican. The same study was repeated a few years ago, with almost exactly the same figures in reverse, somewhere in the eighty percent range were Democrats.

I asked myself the question, “Why?� And I think I figured out the answer. The most passionate public issue in the late 50s and early 60s was civil rights, and the Democrats were arguing, on the basis of a natural law ethic, that segregationist laws had to be changed. Republicans were saying no, it’s economically unfeasible. Today, the most passionate issue is abortion, and euthanasia, and now it’s the Republicans who are arguing on the basis of natural law that these things are wrong, and the Democrats are arguing against. So I guess academia naturally goes to the lowest ethical level. Professors should be expected to support moral monsters and tyrants.

Most of the tyrants of the 20th century had a lot of professors behind them. Pol Pot, the great Southeast Asian master of genocide, studied under Jean-Paul Sartre. John Dewey lauded Stalin. There was a Harvard sociologist who studied Hitler’s executioners. She paralleled level of education with willingness to support Hitler, and she thought there would be an inverse relationship; there was a direct proportion. The more educated you were, the more you tended to favor Hitler’s work and volunteer to do it.

Peter Kreeft

Via Brothers Judd

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01 October 2008

Unity vs. Reform

This is the fundamental rock and hard place for McCain, and he is making the mistake that will cost him the election. You can be Uniter or a Reformer, not both. If you can’t name names, you can’t even explain the problem, let alone fix it.

JM Hanes

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Turning McCain in to an attack machine

McCain will lose the election because he thinks it dishonorable to deflect blame from oneself to another.
In mid-October, Steve Schmidt will sit the Senator down and explain to him that, contrary to what everyone has heard over the past 15 years, Obama is, in fact, a Republican. Should solve that problem.


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