28 September 2008

Throw the bums out!

House Democrats could pass any bill on the financial recovery that they want. Instead they gamble.

The bill they want to pass is the one they don’t dare pass without House Republicans as cover. The bill they want is decorated with fat windfalls for their own. Although their language claims to help “main street” it funnels money instead to grass root community organizers shown in congressional hearings and court testimony to be partisan and corrupt.

Standing at the brink of depression, Democrats gave the country a choice. If the House Republicans don’t join them they will let the economy collapse. If House Republicans agree, they betray their base and commit political suicide at the polls next month. If they don’t, the Democrats use a compliant press to blame the Republicans.

This kind of extortion is unacceptable. Democrats can pass any financial recovery bill they want. Instead, leaders Nancy Pelosi and Barney Frank play election politics, abetted by Senator Harry Reid, Chris Dodd, and Chuck Schumer, their party’s chief campaign strategist.

The people in charge are acting like there is no crisis. They act like it is a political game and an opportunity for graft.

Throw the bums out. Congress cooked the rules in the mid 1990s to milk Fannie Mae for cheap loans to curry votes. Congress funded ACORN that herded poor prospects into home mortgages. Videos of Democrats in committee hearings show Barney Frank, Maxine Waters and others resisting changes that might have avoided Fannie Mae’s collapse. Congress populated Fannie Mae with “friends” like Franklin Raines and Jim Johnson as administrators. Until they collapsed, bankers like Countrywide Bank who benefited from Fannie Mae feathered Congressional beds with donations and easy loans.

Congress needs to trim the 100 page of trash back to the simple bill that will clear the credit lock-up immediately and that has the prospect to return the temporarily borrowed billions of dollars to the U. S. Treasury.

Call your favorite national journalists and insist they stop regurgitating sound bytes and report what Pelosi, Frank, Dodd, and Schumer have done to cause this mess and hold us hostage at the brink.


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