05 September 2008

Money making tip of the day

Vice Presidential candiate Sarah Palin merchandise is hot, hot, hot, but this idea from Micheal is money

3 words: Palin Hockey Jersey

Make the team name “Barracudas” with the player name “Palin” and the number ‘08.

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I guess that would count as "change all around her"

Did you guys see Hancock? Remember when Will Smith just stood there while the train hit him, and it derailed all over the place? Sarah Palin’s kind of like that, except happier.

Jim Treacher

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It's just a flesh wound

“Pay no attention to the woman who is holding my still-beating heart over her head and doing a victory dance on my political career.”

Brothers Judd commentor b on what Senator Obama is thinking about Governor Palin.

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You're not the boss of me

Gov. Sarah Palin spoke directly to 40 million people on Wednesday night. Only in the warped worldview of the beltway media establishment would that constitute a ‘cone of silence’. We will conduct our campaign our way and on our timeline.

The McCain Campaign

I might have donated to the McCain campaign instead of the Romney effort if he had said this sort of thing back then.

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