31 August 2008

Target comparisons

Sarah Palin is no Dick Cheney. When Sarah shoots a lawyer, he stays down.

(Shamelessly tolen from harrison)

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Beating vs. Joining

When Sarah Palin encountered corruption, she resigned, then mounted a campaign to remove the corrupt officials, even though they were in her own party. When Barack Obama encountered corruption, he decided to ask for help to buy a house from it.


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29 August 2008

I wouldn't want to vote for any one who'd vote for me

I can’t wait for the “Countdown? segment explaining why anyone who would associate with Pat Buchanan is unfit for office, followed immediately by yet another 20-minute pundit roundtable featuring Pat Buchanan.


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Game over

Neither Palin nor McCain are lawyers.


Seriously, what more would you need to know?

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Bet you didn't konw that …

… global Warming doesn’t kill polar bears. Sarah Palin does - usually with her bare hands.

… Sarah Palin is allowed first dibs on Alaskan wolfpack kills.

Josh at Sarah Palin Facts

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Governing purpose

What’s the point of the being the Governor of a whole state if you can’t even get your sister’s asshole ex-husband fired from a gub-ment job? After all, its not like she’s been caught in a sweetheart real estate deal with a convicted felon, you know.

Col. Douglas Mortimer about Governor Sarah Palin

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Quote of the Day

A Vice President has only one extant responsibility: to stay alive. And, according to my actuarial table, Sarah Palin beats the crap out of every other candidate on that score.


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09 August 2008

Technical problems at Thought Mesh

Thought Mesh is having technical problems today. It’s a web host problem, which I hope they can get fix in the near future.

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