28 July 2008

True names

I’m starting to wonder if maybe his real name is “Barack Ob”.

But when he introduces himself to people, it comes out “Barack Ob. Ahm. Uh.”


Very similar to how Canada got its name.

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24 July 2008

The spectre of European rallies

Douthat —

The Berlin rally probably won’t hurt Obama - voters aren’t really paying attention to anything election-related right about now, and it’ll be forgotten by the time the fall campaign begins

America very well remembers the mass rallies of millions of Europeans against America, over the years, depending on how old you are.

The ‘68 May Day and the early 70s million-man rallies and riots against American capitalism, Nixon, LBJ - followed by rallies numbering 700,000 or so denouncing Carter for failing to do famine relief and his “murderous coming attack against Iran over a few hostages. And almost every year against Reagan for his “moronic caveman irrational hatred against Communism, his “nuclear insanity”. Then the millions of “No Blood for Oil!” Euros that spilled out and attacked US interests and a few embassies denouncing our 1991 “aggressive and Imperialist war” to get Saddam out of Kuwait and “steal all the oil”. Then the huge rallies protesting Clinton and globalism, evil American genetically modified food, McDonalds. And of course the multimillion rallies against Bush II.

Contrast all that ugly history with the worship Euroweenies feel for all-wise Black men like Julius Nyere, Desmond Tutu, Nelson Mandela, Mugabe - the wise man of new proseperous Zimbabwe 15 years ago, Kofi Annan (the world’s conscience) that get million-person adulation rallies. Or the non-black 3rd World tyrants on visits that are groveled to like the royalty they sometimes are - the Saudi Rulers, Fidel, King Abdullah of Jordan, Emirs from a half dozen Gulf despot states. Hugo Chavez.

If Obama draws Hitler-like crowds in Germany and Degaulle-sized crowds in France and Diana or Freddie Mercury-sized crowds in the UK you can be sure the American public will notice Obama is getting a quite different reception than some of our best Presidents, any American has gotten in the last 50 years.

And count on Republicans to show ads highlighting the contrast between the hostile mobs of Euros howling after Clinton, Albright, Reagan and the same masses adulating Obama like he was anti-Ameican Indira Gandhi on a State visit.

Chris Ford

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