27 June 2008

Petard watch, warmenist edition

Australia will create a wildlife corridor spanning the continent to allow animals and plants to flee the effects of global warming, scientists said on Monday.


Are these the same scientists fighting to get Darwinism into US schools? You know the theory whereby animals adapted to changes, including temperature, with only the ‘fittest’ surviving? Ironic isn’t it?


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23 June 2008

Weed of Evil

Federal regulators are beginning an effort to crack down on stealth advertising in television shows, a move aimed at letting consumers know when companies have paid to use their products as props.

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I would just change “ironically” to “mindlessly”. There’s also no mention of how to keep the marijuana ashes off the tables.

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08 June 2008

Public Service

I only ever raise my voice on behalf of those who have no voice. Then I never have to worry about the ungrateful bastards contradicting me.

Paul Zrimsek

(Probably not the original source, but it’s the first place I have read this)

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01 June 2008

Knowing your place

Has anyone heard the rumor of threesomes, gay sex and cocaine?
I don’t hang around those kinds of places, man. But then, I’m not a Senator.

Soylent Red

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Another Rovian plot

For 20 years I served as an under cover operative for the CIA. My mission, to expose the Reverend Wright for the America hating lefty that he truly is. We were within days of breaking through, when Scooter Libby had the temerity to leak my identity to Rolling Stone. I am not and never have been Barrack Hussein Obama. My real name is Barry Gibb. I guess I can always get the band back together if the President thing doesn’t work out.

Old Dad

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Total commitment

Source: Tim Blair, Wondermark

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