30 March 2008

Can I expect this for the next OJ Simpson style story?

Via Hot Air, we have this report about how the Washington Post didn’t initially cover the Obama / Wright controversy because there was “nothing new”. As if that ever stopped a “me too” story from Old Media on something they thought was important.

The Post — and some others in the news media — came late to reporting on the controversy surrounding the Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr., Barack Obama’s former Chicago pastor. The story, long there for the picking, touched raw nerves — racial, political and religious — among readers.

The Post did next to nothing on Wright and his Trinity United Church of Christ before March 15, and editors turned down a reporter’s requests to do a story before the controversy broke…

Had anyone suggested doing that story at The Post? Religion reporter Michelle Boorstein pitched it twice and was turned down by editors on the Metro and National desks.

Joe Davidson, assistant city editor and Boorstein’s editor, wrote: “At the time Michelle suggested the story, before the latest revelations about Wright’s comments, there was little that was new. I didn’t see what it would add that was significantly different.? Tim Curran, deputy national editor for politics, wrote: “I am pleased that we were able to present Eli’s very thorough and thoughtful piece on Wright and his relationship with Obama, an article we had set in motion well before the situation came to a head, in such a timely fashion.?

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