08 February 2008

You don't spy on your friends

Very odd reading people who are outraged by the possibility of the government listening to phone calls between al-Qaeda terrorists without judicial approval and yet are gleeful about letting the government take over about 20% of our GDP and have total access to all of our private medical records.

I say odd when I really mean stupid.


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Because that guy always wins

In any case, I would love to see them [the Democratic Party] having AlGore-type lawsuits against one another well into October.
Maybe the Dems should try to convince the courts to postpone resolution until after the election. For them, John McCain vs. a Democrat to be named later could have the virtue of not disenchanting any of the groups in their coalition.


Isn’t it fascinating to be part of a nation with a ruling class so beloved that the less you know who they are, the more popular they are?

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