27 February 2008

One more time, with feeling

Hollywood Loon: “What do you feel after you shoot a terrorist??

Marine: “Recoil?



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20 February 2008

Couldn't run out the clock, eh?

Let’s just note for posterity (and it’s been noted elsewhere, this idea is not unique from me) — Castro DID NOT “outlast” George W. Bush. That seems to be a favorite line of the MSM, Castro outlasting so many presidents, as if the 22nd Amendment was just a polite suggestion or something.

hit and run

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14 February 2008

Better pre-order

Well, with McCain having it wrapped up, you’ve seen the reports of Republicans crossing over in open primaries to vote for either Obama or Clinton, depending on who they would rather face in the general.

So, what happens? Obama wins the nomination, then wins the general and come about Thanksgiving we see Republicans driving around with…

“Don’t Blame Me, I Voted for Clinton”


hit and run

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08 February 2008

You don't spy on your friends

Very odd reading people who are outraged by the possibility of the government listening to phone calls between al-Qaeda terrorists without judicial approval and yet are gleeful about letting the government take over about 20% of our GDP and have total access to all of our private medical records.

I say odd when I really mean stupid.


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Because that guy always wins

In any case, I would love to see them [the Democratic Party] having AlGore-type lawsuits against one another well into October.
Maybe the Dems should try to convince the courts to postpone resolution until after the election. For them, John McCain vs. a Democrat to be named later could have the virtue of not disenchanting any of the groups in their coalition.


Isn’t it fascinating to be part of a nation with a ruling class so beloved that the less you know who they are, the more popular they are?

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06 February 2008

Worse and Worser

Picture McCain running against that sort of a fissured Dem Party. OK, the picture ends with McCain raising his right hand on Jan 20, and not every conservative loves that. But it does not end with Hillary raising her right hand, unless it is to smack some hapless staffer or hubby.

Just One Minute

Hmmm. Time to investing in dishware companies?

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03 February 2008

Just the sort who need the extra help

The UK has now effectively legalized polygyny by ruling that husbands on the dole can collect additional benefits for additional wives, as long as they married outside of the UK. So, actually, it’s been legalized for indigent immigrants. The natives and the workers are just out of luck on that.

Via Jammie Wearing Fool.

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My opinions are facts because I'm a journalist

NRO notes another example of the bubble world of Old Media. A New York Times writer makes some near moonbat statements, and the public editor defends them by quoting the writer who claims that these are the sort of “facts” that would be fine for a straight news story. Worth reading to get an idea of what the NY Times considers straight reporting.

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Public Service Announcement

The Media Violence Project — it’s time to put a stop to the swath of destruction.

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And probably still proud of his resolve

The Tet Offensive was a desperate ploy by the Communist enemy in Vietnam. Tens of thousands of his troops were flung simultaneously at more than 100 South Vietnamese towns, and into the heart of Saigon. The Communists announced a general uprising, but that did not occur. The tide was actually turned within a few days by the U.S. and South Vietnamese armies. As they re-took town after town, they discovered massacres the Communists had committed while in possession. The enemy’s real object had been to decapitate a whole society.

My friend, Uwe Siemon-Netto, a German Lutheran pastor and also life-long journalist, was there as a reporter. Entering Hué as the smoke was clearing: “I made my way to university apartments to obtain news about friends of mine, German professors at the medical school. I learned that their names had been on lists containing some 1,800 Hué residents singled out for liquidation.

“Six weeks later the bodies of doctors Alois Altekoester, Raimund Discher, Horst-Guenther Krainick, and Krainick’s wife, Elisabeth, were found in shallow graves they had been made to dig for themselves.

“Then, enormous mass graves of women and children were found. Most had been clubbed to death, some buried alive; you could tell from the beautifully manicured hands of women who had tried to claw out of their burial place.

“As we stood at one such site, Washington Post correspondent Peter Braestrup asked an American TV cameraman, ‘Why don’t you film this?’ He answered, ‘I am not here to spread anti-communist propaganda’.?

David Warren, via Brothers Judd

I am still trying to discover some aspect in which Old Media differs materially from an enemy propaganda organization.

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