13 December 2007

Not so hot research results

A round up of some recent results concerning anthropogenic global warming. Oddly, despite being “dissenting” and “challenging”, the results aren’t getting much publicity. It’s worth reading just for the obvious mendacity of AGW proponents, regardless of which data and theories are correct.

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Remedial honesty

Training to remind staff about the importance of telling viewers the truth will cost the BBC more than £1 million in staff time and expenses.

About 17,000 BBC staff have to attend a two-hour course, in which employees are invited to discuss where the line should be drawn between artifice and deception in the wake of a series of scandals.

Vin Ray, the director of the BBC’s college of journalism, said that the direct cost of the course would be “a maximum of £500,000?, but the cost of taking each employee out for a half day more than doubled that figure.

Times Online (via)

Not that they’re going to be absolute on that whole “truth” thing, just the importance of “where the line” should be. Presumably just shy of the “getting caught” line.

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