02 December 2007

No more bother with pretense files

I was honored that Pajamas Media asked me to write about the Democratic Presidential Forum being broadcast on HDNet, and without any hesitation, I said I’d do it, although I did allow that it might take me an hour or so after the debate was over to write my post. After all, I’d have to watch it first, right?

Not so fast!


Was I in for a shock! As it turns out, the only way to get this channel is to upgrade my monthly service to “HD TV,? (plus pay an extra charge for “special? channels like HDNet), but that even then my existing equipment (which I paid for and had installed) would not work. To actually receive the new signal, I would have to buy a new receiver, and on top of that I’d have to buy a new satellite dish, have old one yanked off the wall and the new one installed!


So, the Democratic Party — the party of the working class — is broadcasting tonight’s debate from an elitist network run by billionaire Mark Cuban that requires expensive equipment and high monthly charges to access.


It’s about the working class, not for them. Presumably, after their betters have decided what’s best for them, the working class will be told what to think. Or just ignored — it’s not like they attend the good parties anyway!

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