06 September 2007

No one else is to blame — ever

In its “Ill-fated Homecomings” report released on Wednesday, HRW focuses on two Tunisian men, Abdullah al-Hajji Ben Amor and Lofti Lagha, who were released from Guantanamo six weeks ago and are now sitting in jail in Tunisia. The researchers did not have access to the prisoners but spoke to their families and their lawyer, Samir Ibn Omar.

The two Tunisians were sent home on June 18, and according to HRW, they had no idea that they would be facing further imprisonment. They now say that if they had known, they would have fought the transfer.

The two men were held at the military camp in Cuba for five years, without being charged with any crimes — Lagha was never represented by a lawyer during that time. Rather than facing freedom when they finally got home the two men were taken directly into custody, and say they were threatened, abused and put in solitary confinement. They now claim things are so bad they would rather be back in Guantanamo — despite Tunisia’s pledge to the US that they would be treated humanely.

I’m just surprised the HRW noticed, although apparently that’s just so they can blame the USA —

According to Human Rights Watch (HRW), the US government is not doing enough to ensure that prisoners sent back home are not subjected to ill treatment

Yes, clearly, it is the USA that’s responsible for how prisoners are treated in other countries, and not the local governments. What could the government in Tunisia possibly do to prevent this kind of thing if the USA doesn’t act?

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