02 August 2007

If our enemies believe it, it must be true

JERUSALEM (AFP) - History textbooks for Israeli Arab students this year will for the first time present the Palestinian version of Israel’s creation as a “catastrophe,? the education ministry said on Sunday.

“For these types of events, both the Israeli and Palestinian versions have to be presented,? Education Minister Yuli Tamir said in a statement.

Alongside presenting the Israeli interpretation of the 1948 Arab-Israeli war, the books will also present the version “that is generally accepted among the Arabs, according to which Israel’s War of Independence is perceived as a catastrophe (Naqba) by the Palestinians,? Tamir said.

Putting paranoid fabulism above historical fact seems to be metasizing disease in the Anglosphere, as Israel here seems to be just following the trail our own educrats have blazed.

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Potted plants

Last night, the US Senate erased a page of history — literally. The body agreed to permanently remove from the constitutionally mandated Congressional Record a vote they’d taken earlier in the evening on a measure saying the president should not pardon Scooter Libby. The vote failed 47-49, but any reference to the vote itself was expunged as though it never happened.


After the Libby vote failed, Republicans struck back hard, offering a amendment condemning about a dozen previous pardons by President Clinton. As one GOP aide put it, “we brought our gun to the knife fight.” But cooler heads prevailed when both party leaders decided not to have the Clinton vote, and the Majority Leader Harry Reid simply asked that the Libby vote “be vitiated and stricken from the record.”

What’s striking is that the Democratic Party gang didn’t anticipate this obvious counter-ploy. Everytime I think that Congress can’t get any dumber, they blow the bottom off.

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