28 June 2007

Erasing the inconvenient

Little Green Footballs reports that the CNN weather page had Isreal nulled out, so that if you looked up Jerusalem, it would be listed as “Jerusalem, null”. It also listed multiple former Arab villages that no longer exist, and lists “Palestine” as a nation. It’s another example of how Old Media doesn’t believe in the aphorism ‘You are entitled to your own opinions, but not your own facts’.

P.S. Now that this has been made too public, CNN has cleaned it up.

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04 June 2007

Too rough for adults, OK for kids

Michell Malkin notes a story about a presentation at a high school. The presentation was mandatory for students, yet when parents complained, the school board objected because direct quotes from the presentation contained language inappropriate for a public meeting. One is left wondering if the school board at that point grasped why parents were upset.

Update: An different view from a parent.

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Love the enemy, but hate the friend

The coverup of what documents Sandy Berger destroyed reminds me strong of the point of this post which is how President Bush is strong and resolute only when fighting his soon-to-be-former friends and allies. When it’s obvious and significant malfaescance on the part of political enemies, then all is forgiveness.

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