30 April 2007

Like a leather wearing member of PETA


Apparently the al Queda honcho Abd al-Hadi al-Iraqi, who we have stashed at Gitmo…is the guy who, among many many nasty deeds, organized the London Tube bombing that killed 52 people.

So the Brits are happy, right? The info this guy has will may help them them to save innocent lives. That’s good, right?

Ha ha ha, what a stupid notion. There’s a hitch. Dafydd writes:

…Because Tony Blair’s government has gone on record demanding that we shut down Camp X-Ray at Guantánamo Bay and end all interrogations there, it just doesn’t seem, well, entirely cricket for agents of MI5 and MI6 to trundle off to the place they don’t believe should exist, to interrogate people they don’t believe should be at the place that oughtn’t exist — and possibly even use techniques that should never be used on the people who shouldn’t be at the place that oughtn’t exist in the first instance.…

Of course there will be a work-around. The info will be extracted by the Yanks, while the Brits posture and preen in their moral superiority, and spit on us.

Jerks. Phonies. Frauds. If I was running things I’d publicly announce that al Iraqi had spilled LOTS of beans, including plots against Britain, but we are so impressed by the prodigious moral purity of Britain, as compared to us dirty horrid Americans, that of course we will honor their wishes and tell them none of it.

This is, of course, why so many governments engage in such obtuse moral posturing — we, the USA, are enablers for it by accepting the costs while delivering the benefits to others.

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