08 March 2007

The value of a Harvard education


All Harvard College freshmen received the e-mail below yesterday, and a fair number thought it must be a prank.

It isn’t, as it happens. And this must be the first time a Harvard dean has used the dubious term “sexxxxxy” in a mass e-mail to his wards.


Hooking Up: Hot Hints For Making Your Harvard (or Future) Sex Life Great
Thursday, March 1
7:00 PM
Ticknor Lounge

Want to know more about how to access pleasure, how to communicate your desires and how to make sure that you’re getting what you want and need from your partner? Do you have questions about sex or sexuality that you’ve never had answered? You won’t want to miss this!

Join us for a scintillating and sexy talk with Amber Madison, author of the recently released book “Hooking Up: An All-Out Guide to Sex and Sexuality,” before her appearance on the Today show the following day! Amber will share helpful advice and crucial information about having a gratifying sexual life now, or later! You’ll also have the opportunity to submit a question anonymously to have answered during the session.

In addition to sexxxxxy suggestions, come enjoy chocolate covered strawberries and HOT chocolate. Other snacks and opportunities to win prizes (including Amber’s book), as well as other great “stuff’ will be included.

ALL students of every gender are welcome!

After some students complained about the event, they received a response from Susan Marine, the Director of the Harvard College Women’s Center, who said she was writing on behalf of the Dean of the College and the Dean of Freshmen. She wrote:

Our role as educators is to enable all students who wish to learn about their own development to have access to accurate, meaningful information.
“Meaningful,” huh?

This tells me that if I want to hire people with fully self actualized sex lives, get some Harvard graduates. For actual job skills, elsewhere seems like a better choice.

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