31 January 2007

Wrong personality


The New York Times publically castigates a reporter for saying that the war in Iraq is winnable. The NY Times didn’t react earlier when another reporter on the same show made a personable observation that supported the NY Times party line.

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What does it mean when you share similar tastes?

Hot Air is claiming that CBS News is using the same raw footage as Al Qaeda. Various theories are presented, but the one that rings true to me is that some Iraqi Army guy took the original video and then sold it to both CBS News and Al Qaeda. That still leaves one noting the interesting fact that CBS News and Al Qaeda seem the same sort of video content as good to broadcast.

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How the mighty have fallen

Seriously, this whole ‘conspiracy to out’ [Valerie Plame] thing is soooo disappointing.

I mean, Tony Blair could get his doubter killed so that it looked like suicide. Ditto Vince Foster and Clinton.

But Bush and Cheney can only leak to a reporter who won’t even write a story.

How feckless. No wonder Bush is at 28%.


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