30 January 2007

Davos Revisionism

Via Little Green Footballs is a report on how the Davos crew is sanitizing information about the conference and what was said. Sadly for them, the information infrastructure of the West makes that an almost impossible task. It does say something significant that Davos feels the need to try.

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Couldn't you have at least hired an actor?

The Old Media in the West is not the only source of blantat, easily rebutted claims. Michael J. Totten reports on how a couple of Lebanese webloggers busted Michael Aoun peddling a badly photoshopped picture of Christian militia targeting Lebanese soldiers. The hilarious part is that the photoshopped in soldier is from another infamous hoax picture and the soldier is actually a member of the Hizb’allah militia.

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“The reporting is as bad as I've ever seen”

Another long litany of glaring errors and outright delusions about the Libby trial in Old media reporting. It’s not so much that they get it wrong, but these journalists get such easily checked facts wrong.

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