21 January 2007

Guardian Hearts Mao

Here is a good fisking of a recent article on the glory that was Mao Zedong. As one would expect for The Guardian, almost all of the “facts” in the article turn to not be so. And as long and thorough as the fisking is, it still doesn’t hit every blatantly wrong trope in the article.

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Only Bush is real

Via Right Wing News comes this survey with the following survey question —

Do you personally want the Iraq plan President Bush announced last week to succeed?

 YesNo(Don’t know)
16-17 Jan 0763%2215

Big chunks of the electorate would prefer an American failure to an American success from a President Bush effort. For the Democractic Party, just barely over half actively want a success if the price tag is political success for Bush. Draw your own conclusions.

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