19 January 2007

Publically unmasking Carter

The Legacy of former President Jimmy Carter. It looks like Carter’s post-Presidential history of aid and comfort to the worst dregs of humanity are finally too much and people are openly writing about what he’s really like.

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Having put in the hook, B16 yanks the line

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Vatican City, 19 Jan. (AKI) - Pope Benedict XVI on Thursday called on Turkey to give the Catholic Church legal status as a recognised religious institution. The pope made the remark during a meeting with Turkey’s new ambassador to the Holy See, Moammer Dogan Akdur. “In enjoying the freedom of religion which the Turkish constitution grants to all believers, the Catholic Church hopes it can benefit from a recognised judicial statute,” Benedict said.

Benedict told Akdur that he hoped all religions would strive for peace “beginning by denouncing violence which too often in the past has been motivated on religious grounds.”

It looks to me like Pope Benedict XVI has a plan to “force the contradiction” with regard to Christianity and Islam. You give a little now so that you can set up a more defensible line. Should the Turkish government refuse, it gives B16 a hammer to use in any future confrontation.

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