08 January 2007

The newest in Zionist aggression


Just two days after winning the Tiberias Marathon and speaking about how “people should live together in harmony,” Kenyan-born runner Mushir Salem Jawher was stripped of his Bahraini citizenship Saturday for competing in Israel. . . .

Bahrain’s Athletic Union said in a statement Saturday that it had received the news that a Bahraini national competed in Israel with “shock and regret.”

“The union deeply regrets what the athlete has done,” the statement said. A committee of sport and government authorities decided to strike Jawher’s name off the sport union records and strip him of his Bahraini nationality, the statement said.

It said Jawher had entered Israel with his Kenyan passport and added that the runner’s Bahraini citizenship was revoked because he had “violated the laws of Bahrain.” . . .

Jawher was born in Kenya in 1978 and moved to Bahrain in 2003, according to the International Association of Athletics Federation.

How clever and dastardly those Zionists are, letting this poor guy freely compete in Israel, thereby forcing Bahrain to disown him! How can peace be achieved while Israel commits this sort of naked aggression against nations that are just trying to get along, like Bahrain?

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