05 January 2007

Making a bad feeling worse


US Representative Alan Mollohan (D-WV) is under federal investigation. He will now also be the chairman of the committee that controls the FBI’s budget. House Speaker Pelosi doesn’t see a problem because “I think the Justice Department is looking into every member of Congress”. Oh yeah, I feel much better about Congress now.

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A truly sad day for the Anglosphere


The Queen’s Navee ain’t gonna be what it uster be:

Royal Navy commanders were in uproar yesterday after it was revealed that almost half of the Fleet’s 44 warships are to be mothballed as part of a Ministry of Defence cost-cutting measure…

The Government has admitted that 13 unnamed warships are in a state of reduced readiness, putting them around 18 months away from active service. Today The Daily Telegraph can name a further six destroyers and frigates that are being proposed for cuts…

The six warships to be mothballed are the Type 22 frigates Cumberland, Chatham, Cornwall and Campbeltown and two Type 42 destroyers Southampton and Exeter.

It is likely that they will eventually be sold or scrapped. There are also fears in the Admiralty that two new aircraft carriers, promised in 1998, might never be built.

Merde alors!

Meanwhile the French navy, which will be far superior to the Royal Navy after the cuts, will announce before the April presidential elections that a new carrier will be built.

Given that the NHS is also running out of money one is left wondering where exactly contents of the British Treasury are going.

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