03 January 2007

Dancing with them that brought you

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Iraq war protesters [including Cindy Sheehan] broke up a press conference by House Democrats on Wednesday with chants to bring American troops home from Iraq.

Chanting “de-escalate, investigate, troops home now,� the protesters disrupted a briefing aimed at outlining priority goals when Democrats take over the House and Senate on Thursday.

Welcome to Congress, gentlemen.

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I don't think that's quite right

The best of the Tim Blair Mangled Quote thread

A husband works from sun to sun, but a woman’s mouth is never shut.

- anonymous, presumed dead

Check it, a playa with benjamins needs a ho. Know what I’m sayin’?

- Jane Austen

I love the smell of bacon and eggs in the morning. More coffee, Colonel Kurtz?

- Lt. Col Bill Kilgore

Give me ten Divisions of Australians, and I will give you the world’s biggest pub brawl.

- E. Rommel

Don’t cap their asses until they’re up in your grill.

- William Prescott

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LA Times year in review

Patterico’s annual review of the LA Times. Once again, a classic example of what’s wrong with Old Media today (although, admittedly, the LA Times is a standout even in that area).

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Why wait till the actual failure?

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Even as Democrats filtered back to Capitol Hill on Tuesday in anticipation of the opening of the 110th Congress on Thursday, there was a bit of confusion about just when the 100 hours would officially begin. Would it be as soon as the new Congress was sworn in and began voting on internal rules changes? Or when the House takes up its first actual legislation next Tuesday?

And since it is 100 hours of strictly legislative activity, the clock would be on pause when House members give their customary one-minute speeches at the start of each day and during the “special orders� at night when members reserve floor time to carry on about their favorite issues for the C-Span audience.

And next Monday is out since the House, despite Democratic pledges of a disciplined five-day work schedule, will not be in session.

Already the excuses begin. I certainly don’t remember this kind of guard house lawyering for any Republican controlled Congress.

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It doesn't matter what he said, but only what we think you should think he said


Jim A. Kuypers, assistant professor of communication in the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences at Virginia Tech, reveals a disturbing world of media bias in his new book Bush’s War: Media Bias and Justifications for War in a Terrorist Age (Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc. 2006).

Convincingly and without resorting to partisan politics, Kuypers strongly illustrates in eight chapters “how the press failed America in its coverage on the War on Terror.� In each comparison, Kuypers “detected massive bias on the part of the press.� In fact, Kuypers calls the mainstream news media an “anti-democratic institution� in the conclusion.

“What has essentially happened since 9/11 has been that Bush has repeated the same themes, and framed those themes the same whenever discussing the War on Terror,â€? said Kuypers, who specializes in political communication and rhetoric. “Immediately following 9/11, the mainstream news media (represented by CBS, ABC, NBC, USA Today, New York Times, and Washington Post) did echo Bush, but within eight weeks it began to intentionally ignore certain information the president was sharing, and instead reframed the president’s themes or intentionally introduced new material to shift the focus.â€?

This goes beyond reporting alternate points of view. “In short,� Kupyers explained, “if someone were relying only on the mainstream media for information, they would have no idea what the president actually said. It was as if the press were reporting on a different speech.�

I.e., once over the shock of the attacks, Old Media reverted to form.

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