26 December 2006

We don't report, we decide

Via Hot Air comes a lovely vignette about the arrogance and factual impenetrability of Old Media. It seems that one of the consultants to the Iraq Surrender Survey Group, Cliff May, was reported by Washington Post to have been persuaded to the ISG view of the situation. May’s article says “No I wasn’t”. He also wrote to the Washington Post about it, but the Post replied “The author of the piece disagrees with your letter”. Of course — who is Cliff May to dispute a journalist’s writing about what Cliff May thinks?

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No jews, no foul

Hot Air reports that Palestinians in Iraq are being attacked by the Al-Sadr militia, with the apparent purpose of ethnically cleansing the Palestinians out of Iraq. But there isn’t any Israeli / Jewish aspect to it, so it’s not “news”. Arabs attacks on Palestinian have never been of any importance to those who profess to be on the side of the Palestinians.

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