22 November 2006

Shut up and Win

Tammy Bruce reports that the semi-silence in the last election worked so well the Democratic Party plans to shut up for two years in order to win again in 2008. Maybe someone should tell Representative Rangel.

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Things to never write on the Internet

It’s a post-modern, self-referential in-joke, but I still thought it was funny.

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So much for Bazooka Joe Bubblegum

[source, source]

The makers of Welsh Dragon Sausages were warned they could face legal action if they did not specify which meat they were using. “I don’t think any of our customers actually believe that we use dragon meat,” said Jon Carthew, of the Black Mountains Smokery at Crickhowell, after receiving a warning letter from trading standards officers.

Because the regulators are that dumb or they think Europeans are that dumb?

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Who are we to dispute "typical"?


In Aurora, Colorado, a man and his wife kept a 24-year-old Indonesian woman as a slave. The man, Homaidan al-Turki, a member of an influential Saudi family, repeatedly raped her over a four-year period. The wife was allowed to plead guilty to mere theft; after her 60-day sentence is up, she will be deported. Thankfully, however, al-Turki was convicted by a jury of sexual assault, extortion, theft and false imprisonment.

At his sentencing proceeding, al-Turki declined to apologize because, he said, he was engaged in “traditional Muslim behaviors” and thus did not commit any crimes. The judge, engaging in traditional American judicial behaviors, aptly slammed him with a sentence of 27 years to life in jail.

Naturally, our friends the Saudis are unhappy. So of course the State Department has hopped to it. Rather than a curt note explaining that this is what happens to slave-keeping rapists in America, State has flown the Attorney General of Colorado to Saudi Arabia to answer King Abdullah’s “aggressive” questions — and those of other members of the al-Turki family, who are just astounded that “a jury can give credibility to an Indonesian maid.” For them, the only possible explanation for the outcome is — drum roll — “anti-Muslim bias.”

I am waiting for the denunciations of how this is not, in fact, “typical Muslim behavior”.

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