20 November 2006

Charity is what we say it is, neither more nor less

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Next week, the new Charities’ Bill will finish its passage through Parliament. It should become law before the end of the year. In spite of being billed as “the biggest review of charity legislation in the past 400 years”, it has generated very little comment. This is surprising, because the Bill will vastly increase the power of the Charities’ Commission to dissolve charities, confiscate their endowments and assets, and give them to what the Commission considers a more genuinely “charitable” cause.


If they do not, the Commission will declare the organisation no longer a charity. And then, under the new Bill, its endowments can be seized and given to a charity of whose aims the bureaucrats do approve.

Note that this is not unregistering a charity, or eliminating its favorable tax treatment. It is confiscating the assets. It’s the perfect companion piece to this, the march of the State in taking complete control of “charity” and making other forms de facto illegal.

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Why does Old Media hate us?

An excellent article on the causes of the difference between the patriotic reporting of war in the past and the dishonest reporting of war today.

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