14 November 2006

Hearst's Heirs

Via Little Green Footballs is this post by Bruno Stevens which describes how his pictures of the war in Lebanon were changed by editors in the USA to promote flat out lies about the pictures depicted. One is left grasping at wild thoughts to try to comprehend the basis for Old Media being such active tools of theocratic fascists.

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Helping or shunning, either way America is to blame

Via Natalie Solent is a link to a post and comments that have a lot of detail debunking the “USA armed Ba’athist Iraq” myth.

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Syria and Iran have reportedly replenished all Hezbollah’s destroyed arsenal stocks. Hezbollah, according to the Times of London, now has more rockets than they had before the most recent Israeli invasion. If this is, in fact, true, UNIFIL ought to just go home right now. These foreign soldiers are useless except as human shields.

I wonder how the troops feel, knowing that their mission is to be injured and killed as a propaganda gift from the UN to Hizb’allah.

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