20 October 2006

Do what we want or we'll suffer!

Via Little Green Footballs, I have to cite this story

Hamas, the Islamist group that runs the Palestinian government, said on Thursday it could never have imagined the vast international pressure it would come under after winning democratic elections earlier this year.

In a candid article published in the Palestinian press, Ahmed Youssef, a political adviser to Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh, a Hamas leader, said the group had been shocked by the strength of opposition to its electoral victory.

“It went beyond all imagination,” wrote Youssef.

Hahaha. Excuse me.

Frankly, I have my doubts about it being “beyond all imagination” — when Hamas won the election, they desperately tried to form a unity government. The only reason to do that was to avoid exactly this kind of thing.

“We made bets and had expectations that the West and especially the European Union would give us a chance to address our cause through politics, and we believed that the Arab world would be our supporter.” [Youssef wrote]

Yes, and instead Hamas decided to maintain its genocidal stance towards Israel.

“We promise our brothers in Fatah and in other factions of the national struggle that we will work hand-in-hand to prove to the world that we are able to overcome the crisis and the siege,” Youssef wrote.

Hamas could “overcome” the crisis in a day by recognizing Israel and agreeing to the treaty commitments of the PA. Clearly, they would rather have the crisis.

P.S. Worst Ramadan Ever. Bummer. See above.

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Malice and stupidity?

A good post about how Old Media is both fully aware of the Caliphascist propaganda campaign in the West and participating in it nonetheless. While it’s possible that some of it is deliberate, having known actual journalists I can’t say I would be surprised to learn that journalists in general lack sufficient introspection to connect the two.

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