05 October 2006

So explain the winos in the park

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In what amounts to a chromosomal crapshoot, I hit the jackpot. My award is beyond invaluable, because it amounts to societal immunity, failsafe and bulletproof, also serving as my key to success in virtually any endeavor I undertake.

I found this editorial bizarre yet fascinating. It would seem to explain quite a lot about the campus rage that seems to posess certain well off college students who have become enamored of Socialism. If they really believe that being caucasian is a “key to success in virtually any endeavor” then their dismal prospects at graduation must come as a severe psychological trauma. No wonder they rage so.

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Even worse than a land war in Asia

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As night fell they heard the sounds of holes being chipped through the walls of the buildings close to their fortified ”platoon house”, the town’s police station. Then the sound of civilian electricity generators in the town abruptly ceased, so that in the silence approaching British helicopters could be heard sooner.

“We knew it was the calm before the storm. We sensed what was coming,” said Major Dan Rex, 35, the Gurkhas’ tall, softly spoken commander.

During the next 10 days, the 40 Gurkhas sent to Nawzad to hold the police station fought tenaciously to defend themselves as they were subjected to 28 attacks lasting one to six hours each, including five full scale efforts by hundreds of Taliban fighters to over-run their compound.

Senior British officers say it was one of a series of gruelling attritional sieges that have characterised the bloody first six months of the British deployment to Helmand.

They paid tribute to the courage displayed by the 110- man mixed force from the 1st and 2nd Gurkha Rifles, particularly those who fought so valiantly to defend the Nawzad police station.

Lesson: Don’t mess with Ghurkas unless you have nukes.

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