24 June 2006

That you don't see the humor just makes it funnier

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SIX United States soldiers on their way home from service in Iraq were placed under citizen’s arrest after an anti-war activist spotted them walking around a town [Shannon, Ireland] in their uniforms.


“I placed the soldiers under citizen’s arrest because these soldiers are not supposed to be walking freely on the streets of Ireland in uniform. It is a breach of the Irish Constitution and Irish neutrality,” he [Connor Cregan] said.


The men remained on the footpath as Mr Cregan contacted emergency services. “I was put through to Ennis garda station, but the garda on duty made light of the matter,” Mr Cregan said.

Cregan’s probably lucky that the policeman he called wasn’t drinking coffee, or he might have been arrested for reckless endangerment. One is also left wondering if the soldiers waited to be polite or because they were incapacited with mirth.

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