26 May 2006

Not anti-war, on the other side

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[T]he most idiotic statement in Sheehan’s new book, Dear President Bush, comes not from Sheehan herself but from Howard Zinn, who writes in the introduction: “A box-cutter can bring down a tower. A poem can build up a movement. A pamphlet can spark a revolution.”

A box-cutter can bring down a tower. By now, I suppose, we should be used to the hard Left’s extending underdog status to the worst of mass murderers; still, the sheer gall of beginning a series of David-and-Goliath metaphors with that one is breathtaking.

So writing poetry to build a movement is equivalent to suicide missions that destroy airliners and office buildings? I have read some bad poetry in my time, but I never thought it was that bad.

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