23 May 2006

Like flies to …

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World Economic Forum organizers faced questions on Saturday about why representatives of Iran, Syria and Hamas were not at the business gathering in Egypt.

Who could suffer from sufficient reality dysfunction to ask a question like this, one that answers itself for anyone with a clue? Another question that answers itself.

Journalists also peppered Schwab and Sherif El Diwany, the forum’s regional director, with questions about the absence of the Syrian government and representatives of Hamas, a militant group that leads the Palestinian government. [emphasis added]

Yes, if you’re a genocidal regime or a blood soaked dictator, you can count on the journalists to generate some buzz to press your case.

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Actions over rhetoric

This story captures the essence of the distorted reporting that goes on the Middle East. It concerns an assassination attempt on the chief of the Palestinian Authority’s intelligence chief. After the attack, he was taken to an Israeli hospital for treatment. The key divergences from the standard paradigm put forth by the Palestinians and their useful idiots in Old Media are:

  • Lack of outrage over assassinations and attempted assassinations of PA officials when it’s someone other than the Israelis involved
  • That a PA official feels safer in an Israeli hospital than a Palestinian one (how much of an enemy can a nation be if high officials feel safer there than in their own nation’s facilities?)
  • That Israel would treat him at all (not quite the model of the oppressor).

It does, however, fit perfectly with the view that the real oppressors of the Palestinians are their own leaders. But I don’t expect anyone in Old Media to figure that out.

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