19 May 2006

Somebody's running out of time

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Iranian expatriates living in Canada yesterday confirmed reports that the Iranian parliament, called the Islamic Majlis, passed a law this week setting a dress code for all Iranians, requiring them to wear almost identical “standard Islamic garments”.

The law, which must still be approved by Iran’s “Supreme Guide” Ali Khamenehi before being put into effect, also establishes special insignia to be worn by non-Muslims.

Iran’s roughly 25,000 Jews would have to sew a yellow strip of cloth on the front of their clothes, while Christians would wear red badges and Zoroastrians would be forced to wear blue cloth […]

The new law was drafted two years ago, but was stuck in the Iranian parliament until recently when it was revived at the behest of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

One commentor asked why the Iranians were being so brazen. Well, why not? What is anyone going to do about it? The mullahocracy has the greatest propaganda outfit in the world working for it. The only question is whether this will be ignored or spun.

P.S. Remember, it’s President Bush and his cronies who are the theo-fascist end-times fanatics, not presidents of Iran who say things like this:

According to Ahmadinejad, the new Islamic uniforms will establish “visual equality” for Iranians as they prepare for the return of the Hidden Imam

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