28 April 2006

Remember when protestors fought the police?

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Animal activists bit off more than they could chew this morning when they chained themselves to the killing area of an abattoir at Ipswich in south-east Queensland.

The 12 protesters got a fright when meatworkers took matters into their own hands and used angle grinders to cut the chains off the activists so they could get back to work.


Protester Angie Stephenson says it was terrifying.

“The workers, they were standing around cheering and whooping and yelling and making lewd comments so we had to call the police and tell them to get out here straight away,” she said.

Police escorted the group off the site and no arrests have been made.

I’d type some pithy comment but I’m laughing too hard.

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Bank shot


Haaretz picked up on an Itim report that Hamas Foreign Minister Mahmoud Zahar had $450,000 stolen from his hotel room during a fund-raising trip in Kuwait. But this snippet may be even more eye-opening. Will this point be reported in the Western media?

Itim also reported that an official at the Palestinian Finance Ministry has revealed that, despite its empty coffers, the PA has funded the trip for al-Zahar and his entourage.

Well, yeah, since banks won’t deal with the PA anymore, the bribe money has to be cash.

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Maine line of attack

The Media Bloggers Association is getting involved on behalf of Lance Dutson, a blogger in Maine who’s being sued in connection of his serious criticism of certain local government shenanigans.

Hey, search engines:

(Via Dean’s World)

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Technical Means

We are experiencing transient failures on this weblog, involving stuck processes. It is being investigated but there is no obvious explanation at present.

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As long as they aren't incarcerated at Gitmo, what's the problem?

Our colleagues at HonestReporting Canada noted the following fact in this Toronto Star report. Correspondent Mitch Potter writes:

Egyptian officials have said little about an ongoing and at times draconian military campaign against extremist elements in Sinai in the wake of earlier bomb strikes at Taba and Sharm el-Sheik, including the arrest of as many as 4,000 men, mostly members of Sinai’s tribal Bedouin population.

Can anyone imagine the media reaction if Israel were arrest 4,000 Palestinians in such a short time after a terror attack?

Oooh, oooh, pick me! I know!

P.S. I was going to cite a post at another website in which an Israeli talks about the warm relationship between Israelis and the Bedouin in the Sinai. This is quite possibly related to the article above — “mostly members of Sinai’s tribal Bedouin population”. But that webhost suffered a massive DOS attack this morning and now the website is missing. I presume this means that it was the target and the webhost has moved the website elsewehere to prevent repeats of the large scale outage.

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