04 April 2006

Still, how could he better have demonstrated his moral vacuity?

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Speaking during an eight-day visit to Sudan, Dr Williams said yesterday that detaining people indefinitely when they had not been convicted, and denying them proper legal rights, set a dangerous precedent.

Sets a precendent. Sets a precendent. Because, you know, no other nation in recent history has detained people indefinitely and denied them proper legal rights. While quite the apalling statement, note that Williams makes it in Sudan.

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Looking a bit Dowdy

This was a somewhat amusing article about Maureen Dowd’s visit to Australia. I think almost everything you would want to know about Dowd is summed up in these two quotes, the first about Dowd’s talk:

The really bad thing the feminists have done is to make it hard for Dowd to get a date. In her talk, Dowd said she hadn’t had a date for yonks and that men were scared of smart women. She then gave the audience her hotel room number.

and the second about her book, which

has an incredibly parochial optic. We’re inside the bubble of upper-middle-class Washington and we never peep outside.

Oddly, the author of this piece doesn’t seem to realize that these exact same flaws are what make her political commentary so irrelevant.

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