27 March 2006

Let's go to well one more time


Several months ago, Frank L. Cowles Jr. was arrested for securities fraud. After an investigation, the charges were dropped (as the source notes, it would be interesting to do the investigation first, then decided whether to indict). There are two interesting bits.

The cast of characters, which includes the US district attorney Patrick Fitzgerald (yes, the investigator of Plame / Wilson fame) and the plaintiff’s lawyer, Robert Luskin, currently also serving as Karl Rove’s lawyer. That has to look good from Rove’s point of view.

On the other hand, Old Media splashed Fitzgerald’s name all over this when Cowles was arrested. Now that Cowles has been cleared, the name “Fitzgerald” no longer appears. No longer a relevant fact, it appears.

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Who cares, we already got our mileage out of them


AUSTIN - A state appeals court Monday gave U.S. Rep. Tom DeLay a legal and public relations victory by throwing out more than 30 subpoenas issued by Travis County prosecutors investigating the Sugar Land Republican’s political finance activities.

The Third Court of Appeals said the subpoenas issued by District Attorney Ronnie Earle after a senior district judge stayed proceedings in the criminal case against DeLay in December are “null and void.”


The panel, which is scheduled to hear Earle’s appeal on March 22, said Earle may not issue any more subpoenas while the stay is in effect; ruled all the ones issued after the stay are “null and void;” and any subpoenas issued before the stay are suspended while the appeal is pending.

Oh yes, the hallmarks of a solid case.

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