02 March 2006

We prefer to deal only with the abstract


The Stoppers in England organized a talk about Iran which ended being disrupted by (gasp!) actual Iranians who had been victims of the mullahocracy. Gosh, what are things coming to when you can’t support a repressive theocratic regime without torture victims showing up and insinuating that the USA is not the Source of All Evil?

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Another reason to avoid podcasts

David Gregory is in the news again, this time for calling in to the Imus show apparently stoned or drunk (and those are the less derogatory explanations). But what stunned me was Imus himself. That was the first time I had ever heard him talk and I thought — “how in the world did he get to be a talk show host?”. I could barely understand a word he said. He makes Brando sound overly enunciated.

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Not much for logical consequences

[source, source]

America remains a land of opportunity despite its booming economy today [emphasis added]

The ability of journalists to pen such lines in all seriousness never fails to astound.

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