28 February 2006

Making choices in Palestine

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The closure of the Karni goods crossing from Gaza to Israel for three weeks in January and now for ten days and counting in February has led to immense financial loss for the Palestinian farmers and the corporation that took over the greenhouses in August.


a series of attempted attacks by Palestinian terrorists near Karni and the discovery of what the IDF thinks may be smuggling tunnels underneath the terminal have prompted the long closures, the IDF said.

Yes, that’s the clearly the work of a people dedicated to self-improvement. Wherever there is a source of prosperity and potential peace, destroy it with violence.

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Hamas Peace Watch

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Israeli soldiers shot dead two Palestinian terrorists planting bombs along the Israeli border yesterday, one of them the son of Hamas co-founder and senior leader Abdul Fattah Dukhan, a newly-elected member of the Palestinian parliament.

I’m sure it was unauthorized mistake of a misunderstanding.

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