13 December 2005

A handy trick for avoiding introspection


Degrees of optimism in Iraq: The latest survey of opinion in Iraq shows a degree of optimism at variance with the usual depiction of the country as one in total chaos.

I like how the “usual depiction” is treated as some sort of external imposition by the very people who provide it.

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We can't allow our name to be sullied by promoting that kind of behavior

President George W. Bush’s administration is drawing up plans to carry out the biggest overhaul of the US foreign aid apparatus in more than 40 years in an attempt to assert more political control over international assistance, according to officials and aid experts.


Critics in the aid community fear the reorganisation will lead to a politicisation of foreign assistance, where aid will become subordinated to the Bush administration’s drive to promote democracy. [emphasis added]

What more do you need to know about such critics, than that they oppose such a subordination?

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