18 August 2005

Schooling horrors


Most of the kids come from poor families, but the rural school’s test scores are high. Success, based on discipline and hard work, comes at a price, says this Teacher Magazine story. And the price is … Well, the featured teacher spends no time trying to “engage” students; the school holds few assemblies to motivate students. Yet the kids can be seen reading and studying during recess and they say they enjoy school. The writer thinks they live in such a small isolated town they know no better.

Here is the contribution of the educational establishment to the decline of public education in a nutshell. It is ignorance that causes these children to study hard and succeed at school. Hard work is a terrible price to pay for success. Besides, the kids are doomed anyway. It’s hard to believe that anyone could write this kind of thing other than as a parody, but there it is.

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