27 July 2005

Selling out to the extreme middle of the roadsters


The subhead on this article

Senator [Clinton] Accused of Siding With Centrists

Just think about that for a moment. Amid the endless calls to “bipartisanship” and “moderation”, we now have accusatory headlines about siding with centrists? Are we in full melt down mode now?

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Fighting the last election


the dilemma Democratic politicians face trying to satisfy energized activists on the left — many of whom are hungering for party leaders to advance a more full-throated agenda and more aggressively confront President Bush — while also cultivating the moderate Democrats and independents whose support is crucial to winning elections.

Interesting dilemma, but Sandy P. asks the key question that doesn’t seem to occur to Old Media:

Why are they confronting W?

He can’t run again, unless they know something we don’t.

My guess would be because the Progressives don’t believe in anything except “Bush is the Font of All Evil”.

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