13 June 2005

I love it when a plan comes together


I’m not much interested in the issue of Senator Kerry’s military records, since I think his “military heroism” is obviously bogus—any officer who would use a technicality to desert his men while they are on the front is contemptible.

But this business of the Boston Globe and the LAT apparently having Kerry’s records but not publishing them is fascinating. Especially considering the many times the Gasping Media have told us, with infinite smugness and self-satisfaction, that their “duty” to publish things trumps minor matters like national security or patriotism.

This article by Thomas Lipscombe is worth reading. Apparently the two papers are saying that they have no obligation to release or publish the records, since others can apply to the Kerry organization just like they did. And Kerry headquarters is now saying the “the issue is over,” since they have “released” the records! Pretty cute.

At least know we now the limits of the “publics’ right to know” as defined by Old Media.

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