31 May 2005

But it's not about us!


These anti-poverty wristbands are so authentic you can almost imagine poor starving workers making them!

Fashionable wristbands worn by pop stars, actors, top athletes and celebrities to publicise the Make Poverty History campaign are produced in appalling “slave labour” conditions, damning evidence has revealed.

Chinese factory workers producing the white rubber bracelets are forced to toil in conditions that violate Chinese law and the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) set up to establish international standards for working conditions.

The revelations are laid bare in sensitive “ethical audits” of factories that make the must-have fashion accessories for the national Make Poverty History campaign begun by a partnership of over 400 charities …

A leading executive in one British charity also condemned the revelations as “deeply shocking”. He went on to blame Oxfam, Christian Aid and Cafod of “rank hypocrisy” for dealing with sweat shops while calling for fair and ethical trade.

Rank hypocrisy is a caring celebrity staple. I’m no fair-trade idiot, but how bad must working conditions be if they violate Chinese law? Stephen Pollard has more on the Make Pathetic History campaign.

Blair’s exactly right. What else would one expect from the same set that flies private jets to anti-consumer feasts?

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