19 April 2005

Better to immolate yourself than light a single candle


Phillip Adams declares:

The US Commander-in-Chief has the world’s worst record on capital punishment.

George W. Bush presided over 152 executions during his six years as Texas governor. By contrast, China once executed 1,781 people in just three months during 2001, according to Amnesty International. Bush would’ve needed to execute 42,744 Texans during his governorship to equal that rate.

This kind of exaggeration always astounds me. Are people like Adams just that parochial / ignorant, or have they so succumbed to logo-realism that they honestly believe that Bush is such a bad person that he’s the worst in every category? Or have words for these people and their audiences so lost meanings that it’s simply incantations with a well known stimulus / response property?

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