10 April 2005

Diplomatic immunity

One report:

[source, source]

Tension increased in the Gaza Strip on Saturday as Israel Defense Forces troops shot dead three Palestinian teens in Rafah. Palestinian militants retaliated by firing at least 25 mortar shells at Gush Katif. There were no injuries.


Senior Hamas and Islamic Jihad sources announced that the incident was an Israeli violation of the calm and that they were free to retaliate. However, they said they were still committed to the cease-fire.

Interesting, in light of this other report:

[source, source]

Israel called upon PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas Friday morning to act quickly against those firing Kassam rockets, Army Radio reported.

The call comes after a Kassam was launched at Sderot Thursday night, after three months of quiet.

So it’s a truce-breaking event for the IDF to kill some Palestinians who were apparently not playing soccer yet Israel can only “call” on the PA to stop lobbing explosive rockets at Israeli homes. Does this seem a tad bit uneven to anyone else?

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