07 April 2005

Local coherence only, please


If you want to see, under a microscope, just how our “intelligence failures” happen, I recommend this article on the assassination attempt against the Pope. (Thanks to Lastango.)

Read how the NYT and the elite media instantly ran with the story that Mehmet Ali Agca was some sort of neo-fascist right-winger. And refused to touch the evidence of his Bulgarian connection. (If you read the story it might sound familiar. Agca goes penniless to Bulgaria yet stays in a first-class hotel and comes out with $50,000. Does it perhaps remind us of Terry Nichols making multiple extended trips to the Philippines despite having no apparent income? Hmmm? What, you haven’t heard that tale? I wonder why…)

They didn’t want to know.

It was the despised middle-brow Reader’s Digest that broke the story. And even after they did the Gasping Media tried their best to bury the story.

And our precious CIA didn’t want to know either. It resolutely ignored the most blatant evidence. And even when the Bulgarian connection became clear, it didn’t want to make the obvious inference of Soviet involvement.

Why? You know why. For the exact same reason the networks never show the falling towers of the World Trade Center, or the people jumping to escape the flames. Because they are appeasers. Because they know that if the American people know what’s going on, they will demand that the United States defend itself. They will vote for leaders who favor strong defense.

And the New Class knows that those are precisely the people who shouldn’t be allowed to hold political office.

It seems to me that the New Class thrives in a world where the petty little details are clear and unambigious while the big issues are vague and unclarified. A process and procedure for everything but never ask what it’s all for or what is needed to sustain it.

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