06 April 2005

If you judge by race, you need a score card

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A lawyer for the professor whose remarks about Sept. 11 victims touched off a firestorm wants officials to clarify how they intend to prove he is an American Indian, asking if they plan to use “the Nazi standard for racial purity.”

A University of Colorado faculty committee is investigating whether professor Ward Churchill should be fired over allegations he plagiarized others’ work, and that he falsely claimed to be an American Indian to give his work more credibility.

“Do you wish to employ the Nazi standard for racial purity? Do you wish to employ the standard adopted by the United States government for determining Japanese ancestry in order to qualify for internment?” attorney David Lane asked in a letter dated Monday to acting chancellor Philip DiStefano.

Oh yes, I’ve been waiting for this. I’ve long wondered why those oppose racial preferences don’t point out this kind of thing, that ultimately racial preferences require racial identity cards. Leave it to the radical left to be the ones to finally admit it.

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The second searing irony for me is that the American neoconservative right has occupied the moral high ground in critique of [UN Secretary General Kofi] Annan, outflanking the left, which sits on indefensible territory in his support. But if prevention of genocide and protection of the vulnerable are not core priorities on the left, then what is? If anyone’s values have been betrayed, it is those of us on the left who believe most deeply in the organisation’s ideals. I am mystified by the reluctance of the left both in the US and the UK (the Guardian ’s coverage, for example) to criticise Annan’s leadership. The bodies burn today in Darfur - and the women are raped - amid the sound of silence from Annan. How many genocides, the prevention of which is the UN’s very raison d’être, will we endure before the left is moved to criticise Annan? Shouldn’t we be hearing the left screaming bloody murder about the UN’s failure to protect vulnerable Africans? Has it lost its compass so badly that it purports to excuse the rape of Congolese women by UN peacekeepers under Annan’s watch? Is stealing money intended for widows and orphans in Iraq merely a forgivable bureaucratic snafu?

The Left has never cared for people, only for controlling people. It is just that, Communism and its ill-bred brother Socialism having failed, nothing remains for the Left to hide their contempt behind.

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