30 March 2005

Not the usual suspect

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neoconservative hawk Paul Wolfowitz, the Pentagon’s architect of the US invasion of Iraq, is dating a Muslim!

While battle lines have hardened over President Bush’s nomination of Wolfowitz to become president of the World Bank, what many say is really fueling the controversy is concern within the bank over Wolfowitz’s reported romantic relationship with Shaha Ali Riza, an Arab feminist who is the acting manager for External Relations and Outreach for the Middle East and North Africa Region at the World Bank.


But Wolfowitz, a married father of three, is said to be so blinded by his relationship with Riza, that influential members of the World Bank believe she played a key role in influencing the Pentagon official to launch the 2003 Iraq war.

There are many things of interest in this, but what struck me was the idea that Arab News is reporting that there exists at least one Muslim who strongly favored the invasion of Iraq. Here I thought it was supposed to be a resurgence of the Crusades, but it turns out to be the brain child of a Muslim woman? What’s up with that?

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Misunderstanding your own causes

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Mugabe is in substantial breach of every election protocol of the Southern African Development Community, of which Zimbabwe is a member; he has failed to implement the recommendations of the African Union’s Commission on Human and People’s Rights; he flouts international law, and he has banned the presence of observer teams from all countries and nongovernmental organizations that might conclude that the elections might not be free and fair (China qualifies, the European Union does not).

Rather than rebuke Mugabe for his crimes against his own people, South Africa assists in their persecution. When Zimbabweans, desperate for food and work, sneak their way into South Africa, they are incarcerated in the Lindela Repatriation Center, a prison that would put any apartheid-era prison to shame.

Sadly, black South Africans seem to have forgotten that all of Africa took them in and championed their cause, often at risk to themselves.

All of Africa championed the cause of kicking whites out of power in South Africa. That was always the fundamental purpose, not relieving the political oppression of blacks (as noted by the lack of outcry over other, contemporaneous regimes that were far more oppressive). Well, Mugabe has made sure that whites aren’t in charge in Zimbabwe, so what’s the problem?

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