22 March 2005

UKing regulations!

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A £1m campaign to promote quality food has been scrapped after the government refused to support it, claiming a picture of Jersey cows in rolling green fields was “too British” and thus broke European regulations.

One photograph, headlined One Day with Daisy, was deemed to be too obviously of a British landscape and thus risked breaching articles 20 and 28 of the Treaty of Rome, designed to curb illegal state subsidies.

Shouldn’t this also mean the banning of such highly regional terms as “Parmesian” and “Champagne”?

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If you outlaw bulldozers, only outlaws will have bulldozers

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In a two-pronged legal attack, the parents of a young American activist killed two years ago while trying to block the demolition of a home in a refugee camp in the Gaza Strip have filed lawsuits in Seattle and Israel, seeking compensation for their daughter’s death.


The lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in Seattle asserts that Caterpillar Inc. violated state and international law by selling specially designed bulldozers to the Israeli military knowing that they would be used to demolish homes and endanger civilians.

p, Wouldn’t this lawsuit, if successful, effectively ban foreign sales of American weapons? Or just weapons sales to Isarael? After all, the use of weapons almost always involves demolishing houses and endangering civilians.

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